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The Zephyr plan comes with an excellent line up of whorles in various ratios so that you can choose the best speed for the type of spinning that you do. In this picture you can easily see the large bobbin, fly and interchangable whorles.

My daughter is very interested in natural fibers and natural dyes.  She works with wool, silk, cotton and others.  She is very knowledgable of techniques and has produced some beautiful results.


I start by covering the hardwood (maple) with red builders tape.  This tape bonds really well.  



This tape is designed for vapor barrier in house building - as such its is designed to never come off!!


I put spray adhesive on the tape or the paper pattern and then lay it on the red tape.

These are the left and right treadles.

The back upright is too long for a single piece of paper so the board is cut full length and then the top is adhered to the top edge of the board and the bottom to the lower edge.

All of the pieces for the spinning wheel have been cut an drilled.

The upper end of the wheel is still to be done.

Everything is just sitting there but it shows where its going.

The back brace is glued on - took two tries!

The lag screw that hold the wheel on fits the skateboard bearings very nicely and spins very freely.

More pieces place in position but not yet assembled.

Its starting to look like the “goal”.

The rocker had to be redone to get bearings on both sides.

Rocker and footman are now installed and 1/16” cable was used instead of trimmer cord.

The flyer frame installed and the flyer axle rod.

Its now time to turn my attention to the flyer and bobbin assembly

The flyer has lots of hole in it for filling and placing parts.  The hole in top of the flyer access the center of the flyer axle for the yarn to enter

The two pulleys at the end give either an 8:1 or a 6:1 speed ratio.  There are others but I’m not a spinner so don’t know what I’ll use.

Most flyers have a series of hooks to guide the yarn to a place on the bobbin but I’ve used a friction fitted spring to lead the yarn.

The fully assembled spinning wheel

Now if I only had a willing sheep.

Everything goes round!