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This “Dragon Clock” was specifically built for my sister who has a passion for dragons, hence the name Dragon Lady at the bottom of the dial.  There are 25 dragons in total and they appear in spokes, as one headed, two headed and three headed to signify every 3 hours on the dial.  There is a griffin holding the pendulum in a paw in the most ancient methods I know and that is a “wire suspension” technique.  Atop the pallets rides a little dragon with a muzzle of wire.  This was a most interesting part of the clock as the dragon had to be reduced to less that 1/8” thick and then carefully balanced in order for the clock to run.  The seconds hand is a dragon claw.  The arbors are all 1/8” steel and the pinions are lantern type with brass tubes as bearing surfaces.

This clock is much more a hobby than it is a time piece because it demands attention even though when running is has the usual (for me) 30 sec per day accuracy.  By that I mean it is very sensitive to the weather.

The bob on the pendulum is a flying dragon who is suspended on an oak pendulum rod.

This is a difficult clock to photograph because all the dragons are silhouettes and in photographing the clock you can’t see the various level.

The dragons at 3 - 6 - and 9 oclock on the dial, were given textured gold leaf the same as the name “Dragon Lady” to help define the face of the clock

The frame works consist of two large dragons in silhouette and the coat of arms of  “Saint George” the dragon slayer.

The griffin at the top holds the pendulum suspension in his raised paw.

Another little griffin “rides” atop the pallets of the escapement.  Much sanding and experimentation was necessary to be able to have this little guy up there and still have the pallets do their job.

Four little dragons make up the spokes of this wheel in the time train.  The same goes for all the wheels in the clock.

Saint Georges coat of arms doesn’t exactly stand out because its at the back of a very busy foreground.

This photo gives a pretty good idea of the face, the front frame or at least the tail of the dragon of the front frame the center frame tail and Saint Georges.

A veiw of the opposite side of the clock works.

If you look carefully you can see the head of the dragon on the front frame at just outside the 10 o’clock position of the clock face

The 9 o’clock position of the clock has a three headed dragon to mark the position

This clock now resides in Part Hardy where my sister liives.