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This was a really enjoyable clock to build and is my 12th.  As I get more experience building it isn’t so much that my proficiency builds although it undoubtedly does its the techniques that continue to grow.

In this clock I rounded all the wheels on the sanding jig before I cut any teeth and then did the cutting.  I found that this technique had me relax and change position at the saw for each and every tooth and the tip curve was easily done at the sander after the basic wheel was finished.


  I also used a depthing guage to ensure that I had the best possible depthing and then used the tool to “center punch” the arbor locations on the frame.  As a result the gear train runs like silk and takes less than a pound of weight to freewheel the combined time and running trains.

There are three adjustments on the grasshopper escapement.  You can adjust both the entrance and exit pallets and adjust the whole pallets arrangement.

I found it really important to start as close as I could the Claytons diagram and then watch the recoil for final adjustments.

This is a wind up design so there is only one cord on the clock.  There are occasions when the cord will foul on the drum and cause the clock to stop.  I always check here before looking anywhere else.

The running train has three wheels and the time train is outside the frame.  The escape wheel is also outside the front plate for an unobstructed view of the grasshopper at work.

Clayton has such a great artistic sense and I can only admire and copy his creations.  This clock attracts a lot of attention in my clock display and so it should.  Thanks Clayton