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This kenetic sculpture really captured my interest with the arm that pulls on the flywheel, it really made it look like the whole thing was both alive and mechanical.

This the Goal.  Clayton Boyer designed this kenetic sculpture which he call “Steampunk Impulse Engine”

There aren’t all that many gears but lots of “iron works” in the frame and mechanism.

The Flywheel is a two part piece with the rim giving more weight.

The 8” by 15”  base is poplar wood and has some nice coloration

The little corner legs are 45* miterer and are cut from on board with half one way up and the other half  upside down

The legs are really just decorative but make a really nice touch to the project.

The corners are rounded with a notch cut into one corner to allow room for the flywheel

Bottom of the frme is ready for glueing.

Dry fitting the frames to the upper level of the base.

The bottom frames are finished and they have all the allignment for the superstructiore

The holes in the top and sides of these parts are very important.

With the exeption of the pump mechanism the frameworks are complete

The bolts at the top of the superstructire make sure the distances between frames is good.

The bolt on one site is left longer as a place to hang the key.

The flywheel is a two part piece that is glued and screwed together.

Test mounting the flywheel shows that there is enough clearance to work.

The clicks are slightly modified from the original as I like a deeper cut into the ratchet and stops so that the clicks are held in place.

This is the “powerhouse” with the spring drum, the ratchet and clicks and the primary 30 tooth drive gear.

The available parts are put on their shafts - I can hardly wait.

Nothing left now except the “pump” mechanism

Inside this mess of clamps is the 3/4 “ impulse

The pump arm and the impulse arc are now ready for installation with strings etc.

The little blue counterweight is installed and the pump to flywheel string have been installed  - It should go!

The Steampunk Impulse Engine.

Thanks - Clayton Boyer for a really fun project.

More of Clayton’s stuff -  http://www.lisaboyer.com/Claytonsite/Claytonsite1.htm

Just to show that it actually works!