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Well here’s an “xray” of the objective.  This is another master project from Clayton Boyer.  This design features a gravity escapement (specifically invented for tower clocks) that “pushes” on the pendulum every other second

This is another of Clayton Boyer's fabulous designs!

Step one in getting ready is to align the drawings that span two pages so that I can cut them out.  The largest gear in this clock spans more that two sheets of paper.

I have chosen a highly figured maple for the frame works.  This wood is the luthiers choice for the backs and sides of violins.

The wheels and pinions are of baltic birch plywood.  This is a large clock and the time train is all 1/2 in plywood.

In preparing the wheel I will first round the blank through the use of a jig on the bench sander and then reduce the weight of the wheel by cutting the spokes out.  I find that the numerous holes also gives me a better choice of handholds when scrolling.

Slowly but surely the bits and pieces begin to form a little pile.  

The frame members look a little like small men carrying buckets in outstretched arms.

The joints in the four part frame members were very difficult to get a tight fit on the joints.  During construction it was next to impossible to “dry fit” the pieces for fine adjustments.

The frame has been stained and a light clear coat applied.

The weight rollers have been installed and the overall frame is ready for the gears.

The first gear to be mounted is the wind gear and its ratchet assembly

The center gear is the next to be assembled.  this gear set has a wobble and I will have to try and eliminate that.  I will mount it to see if there are other problems

The center gear is mounted into the frame and the wind wheel and the center gear pinion match beautifully.  However there is a problem with the wobble.  It is enough to rub on the frame and that won’t do.

I was able to break the bond at the center wheel for regluing.  Since the pinion works so well I knew that the problem had to be at the bond between the spacer and the center wheel.  The one place I could count on to give alignment and a right angle was on the drill press.

I prepared the joint and loose fitted it to the wheel.  I firmly locked the 3/16” arbor into the drill chuck and guided it into the pinion.  I then used the hand crank on the drill table to raise the table firmly and squarely against the chuck.  

A trial set up to see how things fit together

The escape wheel get the lifting pins installed.

The time train fully installed and functioning

On the test bench!  The unit works.  The gravity escapement will take some time to understand how it is supposed to work, and how all the little levers are supposed to  do their jobs!

Now for the finishing details and touch-ups.  That will take another week or so.  I have to take a trip right now so Solaris will have to be patient.

Back from traveling and its out to the shop and on the wall with the arbor covers in contrasting Wenge wood.  One very nice clock.  Once more thanks Clayton