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The clock arrived natural baltic birch color and I stained the part red before assembly.  All the necessary arbors, spaces and everything else is supplied in the kit.

This clock was purchased as a kit and the kit included everything you need to put the clock together including a sanding board for any edges that needed help.  The  kit is available at


The gears were all supplied laser cut with really great precision.  Although there wasn’t enough to do to meet my tastes in building a clock the result was really impressive as it started as soon as weight was applied and has never faltered since.  For those interested in gears, the tooth design on this clock is really interesting and distinctive.  The escape is a double wheel with a single pallet.  Sorry I don’t know the proper name for the escapement type but its neat.

The name puzzle clock is very apt as the only thing the builder has to do is sort out the pieces and put it together

The double wheel “verge and foliot” escapement is a huge improvement over the single wheeled version as there are no complexities in trying to reach the bottom of the wheel for the reverse impulse.

This clock is a self starter since as soon as the weight is raised it starts and runs to the floor.

The one and only time the clock stopped was when a spider decided to spin its web on the gears!