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Years ago I purchased a Popular Mechanics Encyclopedia.  In one of the volumes there were 3 pages of plans for building a clock.  It is somewhat unique because all of the arbors were turned on the lathe and then the gear teeth and pinions cut on to the turned pieces.  Since all the pinions were cut by hand using a razor saw the accuracy was simply not there and the teeth on the gears were cut with a band saw - I was amazed that it would run at all.  It is not a time piece at all but will tick after its own character.  I now have some better tools and techniques and intent to have another kick at building it (see modified hour hand clock).

The Popular Mechanics Clock finished and in position.  I probably worked harder on getting this clock going that any other I have built and that is because of the tools I had to work with.

The face on the clock was made on the computer and printed out.  This was then glued to a wooden circle.  I am pleased with the look of the clock.

The wheels were all turned on the lathe and then center drilled and that caused a problem because although the wheel was round the center drilling was less that perfect and made depthing almost impossible

The escape wheel also has the problem of the front pivot being difficult to accurately locate.  There was so much filing, sanding and adjusting that one of the teeth actually had to be “capped” with thin brass to recover from a bumping situation.

All the arbors except the front one on the great wheel are center drilled for 1/16 in piano wire arbors.  The front great wheel carries the pinion for the time train and is 1/2 in wood.