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The Thomas Wall Clock was purchased as a laser cut gear kit and the builder was left to make the plates, face, pendulum and ”non-gear” parts.  This was a fun kit to put together and the results are very gratifying.  The most challenging part of these clocks is the weight pulley.  That little shaft has at least twice the load on it as any other shaft in the clock and if there are any friction problems they will show up here first.

The  kit is available at


The Thomas wall clock came with laser cut gear and all the arbor are wooden.  plates were made of Baltic Birch Ply  and the spacing dowels are center drilled to allow the  centered dowel to be pinned for assembly

The lower supports back to the wall are really quite necessary because the weighs act on the forward portion of the clock and over time cause the clock to “twist” slightly under the weight and then binding occurs.

Although the escapement doesn’t look like the normal club footed type - lift is shared between the pallets and the escape wheel

The clock is very forgiving and the only problems is ever gives is as a result of the drive cord becoming tangled and the clock stops.