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This really beautiful design was purchased from Marc Tovar   http://wooden-clockworks.com/MLT-7&10.html   and plans were easy to follow and produced the promised result.

I especially like the seven day winding as the weight moves down 11” each day.

The clock gives maximum exposure to the gears with only a thin frame for the arbor placements.  The frame does not come apart to work (adjust) any of the gears or pinions you simply slide out the shaft and the gear can be removed.

It takes a little getting used to to read the three hands that aren’t on a face but you quickly learn - current time shown is 3 seconds before  13 minutes to 6.

The finished clock has been left all natural wood which I really like as I focus only on the working mechanism

This is frame works for the MLT-10.  The simplicity really appeals to me in its elegance

This photo give a fair idea of the appearance on the wall.  I’m going to have to take a photography course and maybe buy some lighting equipment.

The seven day movement has 3 wheels in the running movement and a graham escapement.  Marc called for a lead filled bob on the pendulum and mine came at 10 ounces.

Fron the front the clock appears to be all gears.  The frameworks really only consist of  a 1/2” strip of Baltic Birch supporting the pivots for front and  back plates