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Thanks to Marc Tovar for the basic design.


This clock was built for a friend to give to his wife.  She is very good at applying painted decorations on wooden objects such as benches, bread-boxes, signs and the like.  My friend thought that his wife would really like the challenge and accomplishment of applying her skills to a clock and since she has a special fondness for birds this clock is the result.  

The finished clock features a Great Horned Owl for the back plate.  It was a little tricky getting his left ear integrated into the cross frame but with a little adjusting it was done.


All the birds are native to this area (the Okanagan) and can be easily seen in the woods around us.  Perhaps the most difficult to spot would be the owl as he is quite shy.  The mountain Bluebird is a welcome site as he signifies spring.

The clock built easily and required only a few minor “adjustments” to a few teeth on the wheels.  The red headed woodpecker forms the spokes for the great wheel

The winding pulley features the cedar waxwing who always appears in the winter to eat the mountain ash berries.

This fellow has received a new name but I know his a the Canada Jay or Whiskey Jack.  His also know as the camp robber for his ability to invade your picnic table and help himself.

The pendulum bob is my favorite as the little bird seems to just swing on his little branch.  The chickadee can often be seen in exactly this position and swinging back and forth in the summer breeze.