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Marc’s MLT-13  --  I think it is a really great compliment to Marc Tovar to have his clock entered as the featured article in Scroll Saw magazine.  I know from some of the emails that I have seen that having plans like these put into a magazine is really difficult and frustrating.  The MLT-13 that I built here are from plans I purchased directly from Marc - well worth the expense to avoid publishing problems associated with any magazine.

Front cover of Spring 2007 edition of Scroll Saw magazine features Marc Tovar’s MLT-13.


This is where I start; with the full size plans glued to the appropriate thickness of Baltic Birch plywood.  To remove the paper I put the item in the microwave for 15 seconds and it peels off easily.

My working view is through the lighted magnifying glass.  I use a 2/0 blade most of the time but am always looking for something better and easier.

The major part of the clock construction was the frame.  Although obvious now there was a moment or two when I wondered how the back/front were oriented.  The reference photo really helps

Keeping things square so that the arbors don’t bind always causes me headaches.  I am now using a 1/8” round file in my hand drill to “re-align” the holes.  Can’t think of anything better.

All the parts are now cut out and some preliminary finishing is in order.  First is to sand the clock tooth by tooth, spoke by spoke and piece by piece.

In an effort to eliminate or at least reduce “wobble” I use square drilled hardwood blocks 1 1/2” thick and a piece of 1/8”  arbor steel to get everything in line at the time I glue up.  


I have tried to stain to the roots of the teeth but am really unhappy about the result.  I need help on this one.

Assembly and spacer locations are quite straight forward with the bulk of the intricacy being on the escape arbor which also has the second, the minute and the hour hand.

The finished unit (less final finishing) and time train is put into beat.  The pallets needed to be adjusted just slightly but that was a short and simple process.

All hands and running train in place and running on 3 pounds of weight.