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This is an adapted clock built from Marc’s MLT 10.  


  There are birds on every gear and include woodpeckers, penguins, ducks, humming bird, cranes, and a parakeet.  The back frame is a diving eagle.  The really amazing thing is that will all this it still keeps really good time although it may take a little extra weighed to move the birds around but not much as the main time train has a balance of birds.

The finished clock with the one pound puffin swinging quietly back and forth.

The take up pulley is a fanciful little duck that is hatching.

The weighted puffin was constructed in three parts with the center part being hollowed out.  I poured molten lead into the cavity to get a weighted pendulum

The diving eagle can be seen as the back frame of the clock.  I kept the front frame at 1/2” for maximum visibility of the inner workings.  The “shelf” support show the silhouettes of seaguls.

Four flying mallard ducks are for the four spokes of the third wheel.

It seemed to me to most appropriate to use humming birds for the spokes of the escape wheel.  the escapement is a deadbeat graham type.

Penguins make for nice spokes on the #2 wheel.

A single parakeet supplies two spokes and a hub for the hour hand wheel.  The multi-colored hands were just too much and were changed out later.

Red headed woodpeckers are busy trying to build a home in the spokes of the main drive wheel.

The complete bunch of birds.  Over time I found that my frame was yielding to the drive weights and causing binding at the pivots.  I have since added a bracing frame at the top of the clock to provide support to the front frame where the weights act on the frame.