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This project started out with a search for any plans that were available on the web  for a chiming clock.  There are almost no plans for such a clock.  Marc Tovar replied that he had reverse engineered a 200 year old museum clock that was designed to chime the hour.  He went on to say that he had built the time train portion of the clock and was most impressed with its performance.  Marc said that he had not built the complete movement, and further that there were no “instructions” for building the clock

.  There are perhaps nine of the 200 year old originals still in existence

I thought you might like to hear how a “threshing machine” sounds. I don't have the video anymore -- I'll try and get another)

I did not take pictures during the cutting of the wheels - I was just too busy.

The face is a duplication of the original as supplied by Marc Tovar.  The original design called for a bell however I a have substituted a chime

Once I was convenced that Jesse was going to run and actually work I went about searching for photos of any original Jesse I could find so that I could at least stay with the theme of the original builder.

Once again Marc came to the rescue with the copy of an article about the Jesse Emory clock.  To my surprise the article said that they were not all the same in the case design.  However all were straight forward without fuss or fancy adornment. I decided to do the same.

Most of the original Jesse’s did not have windowed waists but I particularly like to watch pendulums and decided to put in a window.

My daughter is particularly artistic and I asker her to do the scroll work in black on the glass.

The hood is in keeping with Jesse Emory’s building.  The small dial in the center is not a seconds hand.  Rather it is a calendar hand with 31 days on the dial.  The day changes over a 4 hour period between 10 PM and 2 AM.

I used Baltic Birch throughout on the case and then gave it a dark walnut stain before applying a clear finish.

The building of the Jesse occupied all my spare time for a couple of months and once finished only need to be wound up regularly to keep a good record of the time.