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Some people love to fidget whenever they have nothing to do with their hands.  These little gear sets are made to satisfy the need to keep their hands occupied but serve no other purpose.  Some of the first ones shown are 6 inches by 8 inches, however the rest are all on 3.75” by 5” bases.  They fit your hand better than the bigger ones.  The one thing they all do is the gears all mesh and turn for the fidgeter.  These are all destined for sale at a country market.

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This was a special gift for a special person.  Nine gears all nicely meshing and you can remove one and the rest still go

This was a proof of concept.  Can I make nine gears that all mesh?  YES


This  counter-rotating set was mad to replace the one purchased last market day


Another Block of Nine to replace those that sell at the Saturday Market in Rock Creek

This block was left with long axles so you can remove a gear and the rest all work

This fidget has openings between some of the teeth (controlled by the spokes

If you run the exposed gear along the carpet it clicks the geneva teeth most appealingly.

The other type of geneva used a pin to rotate the "cross"  People seem to like their fidgets colored so I color them now

The pink spokes are hiding a lower gear with blue spokes.  One extra tooth is one of the gears doesn't jam it up.

The largest number of gears on one fedget block - 20 and although a little stiff all turn together