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Some people love to fidget whenever they have nothing to do with their hands.  These little gear sets are made to satisfy the need to keep their hands occupied but serve no other purpose.  Some of the first ones shown are 6 inches by 8 inches, however the rest are all on 3.75” by 5” bases.  They fit your hand better than the bigger ones.  The one thing they all do is the gears all mesh and turn for the fidgeter.  These are all destined for sale at a country market.


What follows are a number of escape mechaniisms none of which are for sale becase of their fragility

I think all of these clock Mechanisms have good appeal as the rock and jiggle however it the can't stand up o rough preatment then they are useless.

They are all buil of MDF which simply doesnt have the "roughness" capability

This set of seven floppers can only be driven by one gear - otherwise the resistance of any other gear is just too much.


Both recoil and deadbeat escapements will work well

The tractor is actually equivalent to a penulum bob

These Nautilus gears are quite large as I was testing spoke configurations

This was a commission by a fellow who saw the fish and wanted something for his mother with the same idea but featuring angles.

This is a large demo board about 24 inches square.  There is a set in gears in the back that allows all the various gear to turn.

Another Fall Fest features pumpkins and in this one the central pumpkin breaks apart and given enough revolutions works istesl back together

I keep trying to make a smoothly turning sun and planet set - this one it not too bad but not perfect.


Even two meching nautilus gears defies logic - five!!  It works

I still have to keep producing imaginary gear sets

Just a happy duo

Three floppers are definetely a favorite


This was a proof of concept.  Can I make nine gears that all mesh?  YES

This was a special gift for a special person.  Nine gears all nicely meshing and you can remove one and the rest still go

The set of squarish gears was for a silent auction at Kelowna's 2018 Fiddle Fest

Most of my fidgets seerve no useful purpose this one is an "accurate" egg timer for soft boiled edds.