John’s Fidgeting Creations    

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Some people love to fidget whenever they have nothing to do with their hands.  These little gear sets are made to satisfy the need to keep their hands occupied but serve no other purpose.  Some of the first ones shown are 6 inches by 8 inches, however the rest are all on 3.75” by 5” bases.  They fit your hand better than the bigger ones.  The one thing they all do is the gears all mesh and turn for the fidgeter.  These are all destined for sale at a country market.


This Starburst is embossed into a pocket cut.

Here’s one for halowween

Geckos are just for fun.

Everybody has seen the relaxing cowboys

Fun to color

Obviously a Mushroom

Christmas bells

A church

Anchors a weigh


I embossed the spokes instead of around the spokes

A Square Owl

A bunch of grapes

If you study hard enough you’ll find a dragon in this set.

Spokes reduced to a minimum

This dragon is a little easier to find

A rooster ready for coloring

Colored chicken

A lumpy looking gear.


Miss Piggy

A doll buggy surrounded by gears

Same lumpy looking imaginery set

A money bag

A griphin in a gear

A baseball gear.

Daffy duck

Sort of looks like a bicycle