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Although the Rock Creek Fall Fest isn’t until September of the year - my projects sometimes take time to come to life.  This project is aimed at youngsters and it is hand operated and demonstrates that gears need not be round.  There is a cartoon clip that should amuse adults as well.

This project would not have been even thinkable for me without the use of the program

Gearotic Motion  by A Fenerty and B Landry.  Thanks for hours of fun.

The design concept on the computer is the easy part and many variations were examined.  This is one of the earlier ideas.

The base is naturally the pumpkin which measures about 17” by 19”.

The first thing to be constructed was the combined outside and inside Wheel.

It was cut as two gears the inside first  - then the outside with no spokes.  1/2’’ mdf.

The frist pair of gears is a standard round gears with some artistic spokes.

The second pair are square and they mesh and turn with no problem.

The third set is elliptical in shape and as a set of three they really perform some interesting moves.

Finally the imaginary set which simply doesn’t look like it could work but in fact will actually mesh and rotate.

Using pinions as trundles proved to be beyond my capabilities.  I couldn’t get a smooth reliable rotation.

The drive here if very simple just an outside pinion with a little crank.  Maybe not as smooth as velvet but it works.

The outer drive in place as well as the driving pinions.  Everything rotates easily at this point

The drive for each set is mounted above the pinions of the previous photo.

The driven gears ride on a 1/2" disc about 1 1/4” diameter.  Small enough not to be distracting and big enough to provide support.

Each set was painted nice bright colours.  There was no concern about binding since the hand powered crank could easily overcome any binding.

A little plaque at bottom centre names the device “The Rubilator” from Kenny Rodgers “Ballad of Calico”

Here is the finished produce.  the inner teeth now only  span 90º so only one set turns at a time.

Audio clip is Kenny Rodgers.

Fall Fest 2011