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The plans to build this clock are available at


This site is well worth the time to visit this and look over the offerings available from Jeff Schierenbeck.  The plans are very clear and the instructions are very expansive and understandable.  Thanks Jeff for a rewarding and fascinating project.  

My ascent is now regulated to an accuracy of 10 seconds in 24 hours and has been extremely easy to get it going (less that an hour).

As an amateur builder of clocks I can’t help making some “modifications” as I build and on this clock I put in steel arbors with nylon shoulder bushing-bearings and that takes a lot of the variables out of the equation.

The finished clock runs on only 2 pounds of weight and since the winding drums are of two different diameters there is a pulley on the weight side but none on the winding cord.


The escapement is a recoil type and the escape teeth move a little more than 1/16 “ on the recoil.  The escapement is particular on the set up but it is quite easy to visually see what adjustment must be made to make it work.

The great wheel drives both the running and the time train, with the pinion and first wheel of the time train between the plates.  The second pinion and second wheel of the train is on the outside of the plate

The most notable feature of the clock is the tooth shape the designer has chosen.  The wheel teeth come right to a point and in cutting them I cut past the pattern and turned a circle outside the pattern and lined up to back onto the pattern for the other side of the tooth.  The system worked very well.

The bob is a simple disk and is not specifically weighted, since the weight of the bob only serves to remove the sensitivity to drafts and in the case of a recoil escapement this is rarely a problem

The finished unit has a seconds hand along with the hour and minute hands.  A nice design that simply does what it is supposed to.  Thanks Jeff.