An Index to John’s World  of Clocks


My long and happy association with clocks.  Before I started building my own clocks I had a little collection. 

This “Gingerbread” clock was my very first clock and it was given to me by the town Jeweler who said it no longer kept time.  I gave it a week long bath in kerosene running with the pallet removed and the chiming movement making little ripples in a shallow bowl.  At the end of the week I reassembled the clock and started it running - it has now been running on and off for the last 50 years as it has been moved from place to place and country to country.

My other “Gingerbread” clock at the right was given to me in a brown paper bag and I did the minimum that I could to have it able to run.

The cuckoo clock on the left is a replacement for a three movement clock my mother bought as a birthday present when I was a pre-teen.

My love for clocks has lasted all my life and the mantle clock shown
here is one I picked up on one of my many investigations of second hand stores.

This pocket watch came to me when my father passed away in 1978.  It was carried in pocket for as long as I can remember.  He never owned any other timepiece and it make regular trips to jeweler who would clean and oil the watch as necessary and engrave on the back cover his identity and the date of service.

This anniversary clock is an electronic battery operated.  It was a gift from my wife and happily did its thing for a number of years and then suddenly the rotation of the weights just quit.  I had a look at it but couldn’t determine what had happened.

  I purchased a replacement unit while on vacation this year in Campbell River on Vancouver Island from Brian Zirk - Antique Clocks. 

I brought the “new” clock home and promptly set it  up in place of honour and away it went - no muss nor fuss.

I took the “old” clock down to my workshop and tinkered with it and the rotation unit started again and has been working just fine - go figure!!

The rest of the pages on this site are dedicated to Wooden Geared clocks that I have and am building.  Thanks to the internet I am able to find like minded people in parts of the world that I would never have known about or suspected.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

Here are a shot of my most favourite spot in the world.  The cabin is a work in progress originally built as an A-Frame I have more happy memories here than any other place.  The building in the background is my “clock shop” that will in the future contain all my clock building tools.


The List above will take you to the detailed pages for each clock

In case you think that my only interest is clocks, I am also and Old Time Fiddler, performing several times each week and still work as a Management Consultant from time to time.