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Website Building Application

There are many versions of this little device on the web.  This one is a Clayton Boyer design.  The process is that an “operator”, “observer” or “child”, pushes the handle into the start position and the mechanism starts and a lever comes out of the box and shuts itself off.  The biggest smile I get is the confused look on people’s faces when it does its thing.

The original design called for lanterns on the pinions however since the works will be visible on mine I designed in pinions and decorative spokes.

The two major frame components allow for a nice open gear works.

There are also intermediate frame works and a “mickey mouse” key

With the change to pinions from lanterns and using Gearotic Motion for tooth designs, I had to check the depthing as it changed slightly

The fan was originally 1/4” and I lightened it to 1/8” because of the spring I am using is

not a "proper" clock spring but rather a door closer for a screen door.

Instead of a clock spring (still waiting for it) I used two 3” utility springs from the hardware store and they work fine.

this is the back view of the Mystery Box.  I painted it black just to accent the gear set.


The theme for 2012 is a fish so I painted my fish as a spawning salmon and attached it to the back of the Mystery Box