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My wife is quite fond of the old 15 century hour hand clock that I built following plans the “Popular Mechanics” Do It Yourself Encyclopedia.  The main difficulty in building this clock was that the gear drawings provided didn’t have all the dimensions and the gears were all done as “Half Layouts”.  When the pages were copied and a full gear layout made I found that the drawing provided was out of  round.  Never the less I struggled away and finally got the thing to move - but it doesn’t keep time at all.

This variant features “round gears” that were drawn on a computer program (not CAD) and they mate very well.  The second major variation is the double escape wheel that I had seen on the Thomas Puzzle Clock.  I fabricated this one based on memory and it actually works.  Finally I adapted the gravity clickers on the great wheel and added pins instead of a cut gear for the dogs to push against.

Still lots of little artsy fartsy stuff to add but all that can be done on the wall.

The finished clock has a super modern face theme on one of the earliest clock designs ever made.

I used nails as pivots for the pawls on the main drive wheel.  These wheels are from a free web program that will provide the wheel and pinion dimensions and drawings that I could print out.  They were obviously conceived to be built in metal and it was a challenge to scroll saw them.

There is absolutely no science in the verge foliot escapement as it is purely built from my memory of the puzzle clock which now reside in our summer cabin and I couldn’t even take measurements from it.  However the double escape wheel portion of the project turned out to be one of the easier parts to build.

This photo shows the entire running and time train.  the running train only has two wheels before the escapement and the time train to the right of the frame plate only has a pinion and a wheel.

This very simple clock does not keep time accurately but it might if I worked at it because it runs the weights to the floor daily.